The Netherlands

Lead Partners: WUR-LEI and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

SIM4NEXUS will explore the potential benefits of introducing Nexus-compliant practices in achieving the national energy ambitions, taking into account resource efficiency targets and the transition towards a circular economy. Nexus-compliant practices in the energy sector need to integrate with agricultural land management, sustainable water management and climate mitigation and adaptation. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the national water boards and some provinces (e.g. South-Holland and Groningen) are involved.


Here you can find the Report from the first workshop: VERSLAG WORKSHOP SIM4NEXUS NL WAT IS DE ROL VAN BIOMASSA IN DE LOWCARBON ECONOMY IN 2050?


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OFWAT refers to SIM4NEXUS as good practice


Policy coherence of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) within the Nexus between water, energy, land, food and climate depends on policy implementation