Eastern Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Lead Partners: Potsdam Institute for Climate Change, ENKI and People&Water

From Central Europe we have included a transboundary case study at national/federal state level encompassing Eastern Parts of Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to be examined as a whole in the Nexus context. We will focus first on explicit explorations of NEXUS related management challenges on shared water bodies using the Elbe case. The insights will be then used to calibrate the serious game. In a next step the game will be validated on shared water bodies between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The landscapes in the Czech Republic, East Germany and Slovakia where in the past subject to intense melioration (e.g. drainage), water regulation (e.g. hydropower) and recently expansion of biofuels, all impacting on water resources and leading to water shortages in specific areas or at specific times. Other examples, where transboundary cooperation is crucially needed, are the management of floods and droughts and the necessary improvement of water quality and river structure, which might conflict with renewable energy strategies and other water related sectors.


For more information please contact:

Czech Republic: Jan Pokorný: pokorny@enki.cz

Germany: Frank Wechsung: wechsung@pik-potsdam.de

Slovakia: Michal Kravčík: kravcik.michal@gmail.com


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